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What is WordWolf?


Find among players who the wolf with a different theme is!

WordWolf is a strategy party game you can
play any time, anywhere, with anyone.
Check your attributed theme
and find the wolf who has a different
card from the other players.

Battle friends both online and offline.
With more than 1000 themes and + 4000 combinations,
you can be sure to never run out of fun.
Other themes such as “nature”, “lifestyle”, “school”,
or “love” allow you to choose a preferred theme
and adapt your play with your environment.

Adult-oriented themes for couples or players
who want to spice the atmosphere up!


How to Play


1. Plenty of available modes


2. Use the chat function to find the wolf

3. Many themes and patterns

4. Relatable and funny themes suitable for everyone

5. Be the Game Master and create fun