Sympathy Inc.

About Us

Feeling sympathy and caring for others is a particular trait that many Japanese people share. Sympathy Inc. is a startup from Japan whose concept emerged after the CEO (Ryo Lee) decided to create an application where people would be able to feel home and receive comfort and support.

In addition, we acknowledge the following societal issues:

  • A decrease in interest from young people towards tangible board games which main characteristic is to create bonds and connexion between people.
  • A decrease in purchase of substantial games and an increase of fast and short-lived smartphone games as a substitute.
  • The difficulty to access to mobile board games.

For these 3 reasons, our first game “WordWolf” was created.

Sympathy Inc. is a company created in 2018 and whose activity is not limited to Japan, but who is also engaged in the E.U., the U.S., Canada, and China. Our team is composed of talented engineers as well as global actors who are all committed to creating a connected society though games and services.

For more details about WordWolf, please visit this link.