WordWolf – The Peaceful Village

In WordWolf, the fundamental rule is for the villagers to find who is the wolf among all the players.
If the wolf succeeds in fooling the villagers into believing he/she is not the wolf, victory comes to the wolf.
Conversely, if the villagers are able to unmask the wolf, victory comes to the village.
However, the village can also be a “peaceful village” without any wolf.
25% of WordWolf gameplays end up in peaceful villages.


During a “regular play”, the roles will be distributed the following way:However, in the case of a “peaceful village”,
each player becomes a villager.

In other words, all the players will game a similar word or theme.

In a peaceful village based gameplay, the players (who believe they have to unmask the wolf) will become suspicious of everyone
and will spend their time suspecting innocent players, considering everyone is a villager.

During the vote and the final results, the truth will come to light and the players will realize that their distrust was unfounded.

And you? Will you be able to distinguish a normal village from a peaceful village? …

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